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“Offices Should Be Hubs For Collaboration & Co-creation...”


In light of the last 12 months, every company, team and individual across the world has had to adapt to survive and if fortunate, succeed.

At Nordic Morning, we have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to adapt to our clients and employees to meet new market demands, lifestyle expectations and renewed feelings about work.

We spoke to Nordic Morning's Managing Director, Märit Sareyko, Malmö’s Agency Director; Lars Tengen and one of our Creative Directors and drivers behind this pilot; Lia Eriksson about how piloting new way of working and thinking about ‘office life’ is so important to our brand and colleagues.

Read on to hear their thoughts and understand what the future may bring for the Nordic Morning team.

Märit began by saying;

The pandemic has changed the way we work, with an increased remote setup and less focus on being in the office.

During this time, we have made a huge leap in working seamlessly across our offices in the Nordics, which has made us consider how to organise our way of working when the effects of the pandemic start to move into the rearview mirror.

We hope to create balance between working in one of our 3 offices and working remotely too. We see that the offices should be hubs for collaboration and co-creation, a place where you go when you want to interact with your colleagues, get inspired and be energised.

Not to mention, when you want a change or to mix things up for example.

In essence, we believe that our offices will be utilised differently in the future and this pilot initiative in our Malmö office is the first step in testing the needs of future ways of working for our colleagues."

Lars continued;

The expression ‘new normal’ feels somewhat old already.

I am proud and delighted that we have quickly been able to adapt to a new way of working - neither just at home, nor in the office - but to what suits our team on the day.

Providing a place where collaborating, creativity and focus can blend together with colleagues in a safe way, was our goal.

Now that we are there it feels just as normal as before.

Looking ahead, we feel hopeful and excited for the future of what this initiative will bring for our business and people’s growth.

Lia summarised by commenting that;

As a curious person, it felt natural for me to question the purpose of our future office environment.

We decided to tear down and then rebuild our office setup to give ourselves a more comfortable environment. tWe wanted to have greater and more meaningful exchanges at the office, and being able to be together but safely was an important element for the changes.

In the same vein, it was an opportunity to further clarify our personality and brand. We hope that the result further inspires our customers to see opportunities in the top-notch experiences which we deliver.

This exciting pilot feels like a catalyst for being able to view situations from a new perspective and we really do welcome our new home for creative flow and safe meetings.

All that is left to say now is let’s go and enjoy our new creation!

If you are curious about us and want to find out more about our brave decision, get in touch with us via