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Skandia Select Nordic Morning as New Google Ads & Adobe Analytics Partner


Today, we are pleased to announce our brand new partnership with Skandia!

Kicking off from early June 2022, our collaboration sees the start of a long-term relationship to orchestrate their journey with Google Ads & Adobe Analytics.

We heard from Skandia on the partnership:

We chose to work with Nordic Morning since they have been able to demonstrate strong understanding of our business & vertical, but more importantly, showcase the magic formula when combining Adobe Analytics with Google Ads capabilities.

Sanna Tano, Digital Specialist, Skandia.

The team from Nordic Morning are fired-up and already underway with the work. The team from Nordic Morning taking care of Skandia include; Johan Koos, Martin Björklund, Agnes Ågren & Johan Sitonen.

Johan Koos, Account Manager commented:

We continue our journey to be a leading agency within the vertical of Banking & Finance. Skandia was looking for an agency that holds experiences of Google Ads and Adobe.