About Us

It’s all about your customer

The world is becoming more digital by the second and customer expectations on brands to deliver great experiences across channels and touch points are growing faster than ever.

Through our teams we work with our clients’ internal structure and external marketing communications. We utilize a broad set of competencies and services with the common denominator of always aiming for world class customer experiences across the entire customer loop.

The customer experience loop

To achieve this we have gathered a number of agencies, each bringing a pioneering digital spearhead competence to the table. Our view is that the road to success is paved with the needs and wants of the customer. This has a profound effect on the way we approach our challenges.

Assuming the customer is always right, we are geared towards helping you fulfill their needs, from the first impression towards a lasting relationship with your brand.

We believe in collaboration, within our group, with you, your partners and most importantly with your customers. Knowledge left unshared is knowledge wasted. The only way to get things done is to share knowledge and knowhow and take the end customer on a journey to where they want to be.


The Nordic Morning Group comprises the parent company, Nordic Morning Plc, and its subsidiaries CountQuest, Klikki, Ottoboni, Sitrus, Mods, Seed Digital Media, Edita Publishing and Edita Prima.

Responsibility for the Nordic Morning Group’s governance and operations rests with Nordic Morning Plc’s governing bodies, which consist of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the CEO. Group management directs, guides, develops, and supervises the operations of the Group companies.

Management team

Anne Årneby, CEO of Nordic Morning Plc

Heikki Autio, VP, Campaigns & Dialogue

Christian Sahlgren, Managing Director, Sitrus

Kati Niemelä, CFO

Päivi Hietanen, VP, Publishing area; Managing Director, Edita Publishing

Mattias Falkendal, VP, Visibility & Service Design

Board of Directors

Per Sjödell, Chairman

Jukka Ruuska, Deputy Chairman

Maritta Iso-Aho

Ingrid Jonasson Blank

Anni Ronkainen

Petri Vihervuori

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Corporate responsibility

We want to be the preferred partner of those who consider responsibility as a priority in their operations. For the good of business and people.

Employment Engagement and success

The core task of Nordic Morning’s HR is to support, engage, and assist employees to help them succeed in their work. The cornerstones of our HR strategy are Learning and Development, Leadership, and Culture of Engagement.

Code of Business Ethics

Nordic Morning’s Code of Business Ethics is based on our values of renewal, respect and responsibility. It helps us conduct successful business operations and feel good at work.

Working for the environment

We have been carrying out long-term, systematic work to reduce our environmental impact since the early 1990s. We reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact by investing in environmentally responsible operations, products and services and promoting environmental awareness amongst our employees.

Added value for stakeholders

For Nordic Morning, financial responsibility means producing financial added value for the company’s key stakeholders, employees, customers and owner. Important target groups for added value also include partners, investors and the countries and municipalities in which we operate.

For more info about our work in CR - visit our annual report website Our Code of Business Ethics [pdf]

Nordic Morning's year 2016

Customers’ needs were met by strengthening data and analytics services

Customers’ increasing needs for data and analytics services was met by acquiring a data management company CountQuest Interactive AB and by developing and recruiting talent in the area.

Consolidated net revenue was EUR 103.4 million (EUR 104.9 million). The Visibility & Service Design business area’s net revenue grew by over 20 percent. The decline in consolidated net revenue was primarily due to the restructuring of the printing business in Sweden and the contraction of the net revenue of the Content business area.

Operating profit was EUR -14.3 million (EUR -0.2 million). The operating profit included a substantially larger amount of non-recurring items than in the previous year at a total EUR -12.4 million (EUR -0.2 million). Operating profit was weighed down mainly by costs of one-time measures of goodwill in the Visibility & Service Design and Content business areas.

Operating profit excluding non-recurring items was EUR -1.9 million (EUR -0.1 million).

Equity ratio was 36.3 percent (48.6 percent).

Net cash flow from operating activities was EUR 3.5 million (EUR 0.5 million).

Customers’ increasing needs for data and analytics services was met by acquiring a data management company CountQuest Interactive AB and by developing and recruiting talent in the area.

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