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Driving real-time personalization with Trygg-Hansa

Providing personalized content for one of the largest insurance companies in the Nordics


Improving customer experience through relevant content

Since 2019, we’ve provided Trygg-Hansa with services to improve their digital experience.

Throughout our partnership, our goal has been to build relevant brand experiences and ultimately decrease drop-off rates from insurance quotations to purchase.

A key project involved a proof of concept (POC) suggested by us to improve customer experience and content relevancy.


Delivering personalized content on a larger scale

The mission of the POC was to experiment with two target group hypotheses for two different car brands. It included producing the content and implementing the solution on Trygg-Hansa’s website using real-time data.

We captured different variables of both behavioral and quantitative visitor data and combined it with Adobe Targets and different attributes for targeting. Then through targeted messaging and personalized visual content, we targeted customer relevancy by revealing the car brand of the specific user, which was pictured in the city the user was living in.

When a user was identified but dropped off from the web page, we could make sure that next time, the visitor was exposed to the POC in real time.

In addition, we tried different types of copy to identify which one was most successful for each target group. We also carried out a follow up and analysis via Adobe Analytics, where we measured the customer journey follow through, confirming how many clicks were made and where.

This helped Trygg-Hansa understand which type of messaging triggered the different target groups the most, and which target groups were triggered the most by being exposed to the targeted, personalizeod content.


An enhanced and improved user experience

The aim of the POC was to let Trygg-Hansa get to know their customers better through clearer insights and an improved understanding of user behavior in the customer journey. Ultimately, we achieved:

  • An enhanced digital experience for the end user by creating personalized ‘conversations’ with the website visitor.
  • Improved sales retention from abandoned prospects.
  • Increased insurance coverage by promoting Trygg-Hansa’s USP for a specific product.

In our client's words

We wanted to achieve something with this proof of concept that we have never done before – presenting real time personalization that elevates the customer experience beyond what anyone thought was possible. We are extremely happy with the result, and with Nordic Morning’s dedication and hard work to make it happen. They really delivered, and together we created something that truly demonstrates the amazing possibilities of new technology combined with talented creatives.

Nils Cornell

Web Analyst, Trygg Hansa

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