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The smoothest way to find your next holiday

Tailored content, digital advertising and search engine marketing for Finland’s leading holiday letting agency.


Connecting the right audience to the right content

The travel and hospitality industry is changing fast and competition is fierce. Whether it’s digital booking services or day-to-day operations, this industry requires continuous digital development and seamless customer experience at every stage of the journey – from a confirmed booking to the last day of a customer’s stay.

Lomarengas is the leading holiday rental agency in Finland, offering over 3,500 cottages, villas, and apartments around the country. A strong brand among its competitors, Lomarengas wanted to continue its growth and development in the hospitality industry.

Our task was to reach the right audiences through relevant content, digital advertising and search engine marketing to make sure the brand was top-of-mind when people start planning their holidays or getaway weekends.


Building seamless experiences from the frontend to the backend

To kick off, our analytics team delivered customer behavior insights to measure multi-channel marketing actions and understand how to develop the website and marketing to produce continuously better results.

Lomarengas also needed to be among the first online results when searching for accommodation for a holiday stay in Finland. Based on collected Google Analytics data, our search engine optimization consultants made sure that the website content we create served Lomarengas’ customers’ needs.

They also made sure that the content was technically built to be indexed by search engines, so they could be found more easily and bring traffic to the website.

We also searched for new customers for Lomarengas through social media advertising, display advertising, and search engine marketing (SEM).


New heights and new customers

During our first year of collaboration, Lomarengas had its best fiscal year to date. The number of bookings grew by 7.4% and 70% of all bookings were made online.

The SEM and SEO activities were instrumental in driving demand to different booking channels. During the winter season 2019-2020 the number of bookings increased by 25% compared to the previous winter. There was also a 50% increase in advance bookings made for summer 2020 compared to the same time the previous year.

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