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Nordic Morning kicks off new partnership with PinMeTo


 SEO has never been more important, and ‘local’ SEO is now an essential part of it! More and more people are searching for locations and things that are near them. It’s essential that businesses with real-world presence are optimized for Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook and all the other services that use location data. Getting local SEO right can drive more footfall to stores and locations, it can increase local awareness, and it can support reputation management efforts. Nordic Morning has been working with local SEO for many years across a wide range of clients and now we are officially partnering with PinMeTo across the Nordics to expand our capabilities in this space.

Any internet user can change information and suggest an edit to any location on Google, Facebook or Foursquare. If you have more than 10 locations, you can expect to have 1-3 changes to every location every week. Keeping on top of this, and updating opening and closing hours, addresses, and telephone numbers takes time. Working with PinMeTo enables Nordic Morning to help clients deal with the challenges of managing this ever-changing local information.

“At Nordic Morning we are proud to support the Nordic tech ecosystem, and partnering with PinMeTo is the latest example of our commitment to our region. We believe in making the digital world a better experience, and effective and accurate local SEO is a great way for brands to connect between online activity and physical stores. I’m excited to be developing our partnership with PinMeTo in this area!” explained Rickard Broberg, Head of SEO, Owned & Earned Media at Nordic Morning.

“Today, the end customer has high demands, and this creates a big challenge for companies when trying to meet their needs. PinMeTo is a local marketing platform which makes it easy to manage multiple locations on different channels from one place. Using PinMeTo helps brands create a better customer experience that improves customer satisfaction and sales. We’re happy to be working with Nordic Morning in this fast growing space,” said Daniel Melkersson, CEO at PinMeTo.

About PinMeTo

PinMeTo is a SaaS platform that connects multi-location brands with the biggest search, map, and social media platforms, letting them keep their business information up-to-date everywhere, manage their reviews, and maximize their social reach – all from one place. Trusted by enterprise companies like H&M, 7-Eleven, and Hertz, PinMeTo is quickly becoming a global leader among location marketing and local SEO technologies.

Let´s talk more about how you can make the most out of your data!

For more information: Rickard Broberg Head of SEO, Owned and Earned Media, Nordic Morning, rickard.broberg@nordicmorning.com