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Nordic Morning Partners Up with Custobar


Nordic Morning Finland is proud to announce an official partnership with the customer data and marketing automation platform, Custobar.

Custobar has already been a key asset in several Nordic Morning client cases - including M Room and Vepsäläinen - where the two companies have worked closely together to ensure the best possible end-user experience for the client. The collaboration so far has been outstandingly positive and proactive.

Custobar is a modern, user-friendly customer data platform that shines in enabling data-driven interactions without the complexity and clunkiness of legacy systems.

Says Timo Kovala, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist at Nordic Morning Finland. The platform outperforms many of its older competitors, especially in the case of e-commerce and consumer service companies:

Custobar is easy to implement, affordable and should be on every e-commerce manager’s shortlist when looking for the right customer data platform. Custobar excels at combining POS data with online behavior to deliver truly personalized marketing at scale.

Custobar has found in Nordic Morning a proactive partner that always puts client needs and wants first. Nordic Morning has provided Custobar with valuable insights that has helped them develop the platform itself:

The way folks at Nordic Morning understand our clients’ business objectives and execute them into marketing actions with measurable results is a joy to watch. In addition, they have helped us to develop our platform forward with their valuable insights and experience. It’s always a pleasure to work with rock-solid professionals, who are great people to work with as well.

Aleksi Montonen, Head of Business Development at Custobar, highlights.

For more information about Custobar and the partnership: Timo Kovala, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist at Nordic Morning Finland | timo.kovala@nordicmorning.com | +358 40 063 4508