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The role of marketing in an increasingly digital world

Our Growth Engine

The ongoing digitalization of society has put marketing in a constant state of change. As such, you won’t always be able to control what your customers want, or how and when they want it.

You can, however, prepare for it. By optimizing every part of your customer journey today, you can get ahead in meeting your customers’ demands tomorrow.

Transforming the way you do marketing

Our unique digital growth engine, built from market-leading tools and solutions, is designed to help you meet the unexpected. In fact, it has already proven to maximize business growth and customer satisfaction across a variety of industries.

It helps you to map the connections between your different marketing activities and accelerates your marketing operations to meet both your customer experience targets and business goals.

Our experts will work with you to help you shake up your marketing, create growth and deliver tomorrow’s customer experience.

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The digital growth engine explained

Our digital growth engine is based on several key capabilities that continually interact with each other to drive results. The spark for your transformation begins with a single area that suits your business needs, including:

  • Digital marketing
  • Digital services
  • Marketing automation

Within the digital growth engine, we’ll help you to tailor these parts to your company, clients and customers, and define the best approach for your business.

You won’t find any value by managing each part of your digital growth engine in isolation; instead, you should look to evolve your marketing ecosystem as a whole.

Data and content: the fuel for your digital growth engine

Your digital growth engine is fueled by data and content.

As today’s most valuable resource, data can enable you to create personalised experiences and establish real-time communication.

Based on these insights, creative forms of content will continually help you to resonate with your customers – whether online, on your app, on social or in your lead generation activities.

Developing and activating your content also plays a definitive role in positioning your brand as the best solution for tomorrow’s customers.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing can cover a variety of customer touchpoints across your brand experience such as your website, mobile app or individual landing pages. It also includes paid, owned and earned media such as search engine marketing, social media and content marketing.

In digital marketing, the techniques and methods used are determined by your end goal. However, it always comes down to giving your customer the information they need to address their needs.

Even offline marketing channels such as print, TV and radio can play a hugely influential role in your marketing ecosystem, and can enhance your digital marketing activities.

Digital Services

Today’s customers interact with brands and organizations through a variety of digital services such as websites and apps. In other words, a platform or touchpoint where your customers can engage with your product or service.

Depending on your business structure and goals, you may also sell products via social media platforms or third party websites. We believe that this part of the marketing ecosystem in particular will continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Marketing automation

Automation of your marketing activities is essential for driving efficiency and collating valuable customer data.

Marketing automation and customer data platforms (CDP) are great tools for saving time, developing insights and creating meaningful individual dialogues. These tools also identify gaps in the user journey, enabling you to share the right messages, at the right time and in the right context for both today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

However, these tools won’t work in isolation nor without a robust content strategy. To work effectively, these insights should flow freely across your various digital services and digital marketing activities - to deliver higher optimization and deeper personalization.

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The single most essential part is the whole

Tomorrow’s marketing eco-system will depend on collaboration and co-creation across the various parts, competencies and touchpoints.

Bridging the gaps across your own marketing activities today, will form the foundation for a strong digital growth engine as you prepare to face the unexpected. The real magic happens when people break down traditional marketing silos to co-create better customer experiences.

Growing revenue & great experiences

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