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What Is Visual Identity?

When consumers buy a product or service, they aren’t just buying a product or service; they’re buying what your brand stands for. In other words, they are buying you, and everything you represent.

While brand identity consists of many different components, such as tone of voice, visual identity is arguably one of the most important. Visual identity comprises of essentials like your company logo. But it includes much more than that, too.

Why Should You Have a Visual Identity?

Visual identity includes everything from the typography and colour palette used on your homepage down to the icons and illustrations you use when giving a presentation. It’s also the style of imagery you publish on Instagram, and the tone of footage you use on YouTube.

Together this creates a look and feel for your brand and business that will either appeal to your target audience or repel them.

Despite visual identity’s significance, businesses often overlook defining their brand. Over time this can prove costly in many different ways. Confusion can arise, which can alienate potential consumers, or it can erode trust and damage your brand, for example.

Maintaining a consistent visual identity is vital to help ensure your business is perceived the way you want it to be perceived. Sticking to a certain palette of colours and fonts, consistent logo positioning and using the same tone of voice throughout your communication, will help to enhance the perception of your business.

Why Nordic Morning?

Our team consists of experts in brand, design, illustration, and tone of voice. We can work together with you to review and strengthen your overall visual identity, or components of your brand identity.

Sharpening your overall visual identity will result in:

  • a uniform corporate identity which is more instantly recognizable
  • increased trust amongst your target market: a business that takes visual identity seriously shows consumers that it is here to stay
  • a more cohesive feel for your brand and business culture
  • improved customer awareness and increased competitive edge for your company.

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Visual Identity is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Content is the key keeping brand together while running the digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, the content needs to be build and run from customer centric and data driven point of view. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to have content that is done according to your brand values and tone of voice, is personalised based on customer needs, can be scaled easily, is visible in search engines and engaging in social media.

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