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What Is Text Production?

You might already have an idea of what your target audience wants. But do you know how to consistently turn that data into interesting content? We do. In fact, it’s one of our core areas of expertise.

Why Should You Have Text Production?

Content marketing requires a special type of skills as well as an extensive knowledge of best practices. Our content producers are native speakers of English, Finnish and Swedish. Many have a background in journalism, press, copywriting and marketing. Our SEO consultants are equally experienced and considered as specialists in their field. Both teams work together when producing content for our clients.

By combining our expertise in content production and SEO optimization we are capable of creating truly compelling content.

We have years of international experience working in different formats and channels, including: blogging, press releases, news articles, social media, white papers, eBooks, newsletters, email marketing, SEO optimized web copy, in app content, paid and native advertising.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • the ability to make complex content understandable and engaging
  • storytelling and messaging online and offline
  • a deep understanding of style and tone of voice
  • optimization strategies
  • expertise in SEO and how to naturally incorporate keywords and phrases into content
  • extensive knowledge of paid advertising and the role it plays in content production.

How Do We Do Text Production?

All content production is based on a content plan. We integrate multiple data points to aggregate the right content into the right channels in the right way.

To create truly SEO optimized content, we’ll begin by conducting keyword analysis. This will help inform our overall content strategy. Our content producers and SEO consultants work together to deliver the most effective and engaging web content.

Why Nordic Morning?

We know the channels, how people use content and what needs your target group has. SEO is not only about keywords and technical implementation. As the leading expert in SEO and optimized content production, we know how to execute to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • ad-hoc SEO
  • MIA integration
  • desktop research
  • competitor research
  • measurement and analytics.

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Text Production is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Content is the key keeping brand together while running the digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, the content needs to be build and run from customer centric and data driven point of view. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to have content that is done according to your brand values and tone of voice, is personalised based on customer needs, can be scaled easily, is visible in search engines and engaging in social media.

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