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Social Media Strategy

Social media is a two-way communication platform, so to achieve brand goals, the right strategic focus needs to be set in order to publish, respond and communicate in the right way in these channels. The right strategy should empower Social Media Managers to create marketing content and respond to conversation securely, from a brand perspective – as one voice.

What Is a Social Media Strategy?

In social media marketing, we are slowly shifting from quantity to a more quality targeting based content production cycle. To handle this growing production and publishing demand, you need to have a clear vision of your goals and the roles of different social media channels. As not all content works in every channel, your social media strategy aligns everything in place.

The right social media content will encourage user-generated content – which is an excellent tool for influencer marketing and creating social capital. The most powerful way to get a brand’s message across is to get the people to share your message for you.

Social media does come with risk, though. A crisis plan (and management) should be a part of every social media strategy.

Why Should You Have a Social Media Strategy?

A social media strategy offers a clear vision and clarity to the question “Why are we producing content to all these social media channels?”. It plays a key role in ensuring a top-notch operation in social media. When you know why and how, it’s easy to utilize your social media content budget for the maximum effect.

How Is a Social Media Strategy Done?

We analyze your core target audience’s needs, look at the latest trends in social channels, and align your all social media accounts with your strategic business goals. We suggest clarifying your content marketing strategy before jumping in to this one, as the social media strategy is more hands-on.

The social media strategy also looks at content formats, content keystones, audience segmentation (targeting), paid and organic recommendations, crisis management, TOV, visuals, and channel KPIs.

Why Nordic Morning?

Our expertise in both strategic thinking and operational execution capabilities ensure that our social media strategy is both business and production aligned. We know how to talk business, but we also know how today's digital channels work.

We integrate our top-of-the-line expertise in design thinking, digital business knowledge and marketing understanding. This will ensure a truly effective strategy document.

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Social Media Strategy is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Digital Services

Digital services are naturally in the core of building and running digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, these services should be build and run by utilising customer centric and data driven customer insights. By utilising solutions from our 4 key offering areas, you are able build and run services that are customer centric and data driven.


Content is the key keeping brand together while running the digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, the content needs to be build and run from customer centric and data driven point of view. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to have content that is done according to your brand values and tone of voice, is personalised based on customer needs, can be scaled easily, is visible in search engines and engaging in social media.


The better the content, the easier the distribution of the content in all media while running the digital growth engine. Customer centric and data driven content provides excellent possibilities to earn media and have visibility for your own media but paid media is also needed to scale the business. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to scale your business in all media efficiently.

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