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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has a "bad boy" reputation amongst the various marketing channels, because it's so disruptive and comes so close to the customer. But that's exactly why it's such a powerful tool for marketers, when used wisely.

Benefits of Using SMS as a Marketing Channel

SMS marketing is opened by the recipient on average 98% of the time, giving SMS a significantly higher opening rate than any other channel has. It's mobile friendly, it can be combined with other types of marketing, and it is delivered quickly to enable high-impact customer engagement.

How to Use SMS in Marketing Campaigns

Data is at the center of a good SMS marketing implementation – recognizing the customer and being 100% sure that the message will be well-received when it is delivered. SMS marketing should almost never be used as a standalone component, but instead as a part of a larger marketing automation process so that the necessary data and triggers are in place when the message is sent.


Our experts have been helping customers harness the power of SMS marketing to create amazing customer experiences since 2008. We've gotten feedback again and again that delivering a well-timed SMS to the right customer, at the right time, in the right place has been a powerful driver for sales and connection to brand.

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