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Once your business has started collecting and combining all kinds of data, the next challenge is to extract value from it. The most important step to becoming a data-driven company is to find the right packaging of your data. We at Nordic Morning know this by heart.

18 Years’ Experience

During 18 years we have faced several shifts in the ways data is consumed and how the amount of available data points has increased. It is vital to transform the data into insights that stick, and the method is to deliver a data story. Hence the popular expression: data story telling. We use our experience to craft this story.

The Data Visualization Recipe

Persuasive data visualization storytelling uses three elements:

  1. Data
  2. Narratives
  3. Visuals

Data and Narratives explain. This is about providing context for your data – where it comes from, why it’s relevant, what you have done with it – and helping explain what it is and why it’s important. Data and Visuals enlighten. Data by itself, just numbers, often leaves people scratching their heads. But when you create a good visualization that clearly shows the data and what it means, you get an “Aha!” reaction from your audience. Narratives and Visuals engage. Clear and concise communication along with a good visualization engages your audience, draws them in and grabs their attention.

The Right Insights in the Right Format

Then you need to deliver your insights, i.e. you need a package. It is important not to overlook this part but choose the right way for the user to receive the information. Some people will never make the effort to log into a system to obtain the information, and others are not found on static reports that they can’t drill into. Thus, you need to make the right choice, whether to send a PDF or use a Business Intelligence tool like Tableau to deliver your story.

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Building the right technological infrastructure for your business needs is one the key areas of building a successful digital growth engine. The solutions from our four key offering areas provide the answers to collect data that enables data driven decision making and automated marketing & customer service related activities.

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