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Market Insight Analysis

How do you know what kind of SEO work you need to be doing? A market insight analysis is the first step to take in understanding where your brand is.

What Is a Market Insight Analysis?

The MIA (as we like to call the Market Insight Analysis) is an in-depth search behavior analysis and competitive research of your market, business area or product line. The MIA deepens your understanding of your customers by analyzing search behavior across several dimensions (e.g. SEE, THINK, DO, CARE) and categories. It provides a basis and blueprint for inbound content development and promotional activities.

Why Should You Have a Market Insight Analysis?

Understanding the customers and market dynamics is vital for any business. Search demand, search behavior and search visibility provide a unique lens in understanding both the customer and market dynamics. The MIA allows you to:

  • understand how your brand has improved its share-of-voice amongst the target audience
  • build a competitive advantage
  • locate growth opportunities online

Brands poll their popularity and sentiment frequently in order to gain knowledge of the effectiveness of marketing. Usually, though, they overlook how their target audience actually behaves, i.e. to which extent they search (interest), and what the target audience is interested in (topics), and how the trend might have changed over time.

How Is a Market Insight Analysis Done?

We do the magic by combining business insights (preferably delivered by client), researching business area demand and competitors with state-of-the-art SEO and keyword research tools (e.g. SearchMetrics).

We also tap into internal data sources (e.g. GA, Search Console). We combine and consolidate these data streams into in-depth understanding of the market and your current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within that market.

Why Nordic Morning?

We take pride in our work. Thus, we can boldly say that our expertise in both strategic and operational SEO is unparalleled. We have coached and optimized hundreds of websites with the focus on enterprise SEO.

We are true experts dedicated to grow your visibility and help you meet your business goals.

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Digital Services

Digital services are naturally in the core of building and running digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, these services should be build and run by utilising customer centric and data driven customer insights. By utilising solutions from our 4 key offering areas, you are able build and run services that are customer centric and data driven.


Content is the key keeping brand together while running the digital growth engine. In order to drive growth and customer satisfaction, the content needs to be build and run from customer centric and data driven point of view. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to have content that is done according to your brand values and tone of voice, is personalised based on customer needs, can be scaled easily, is visible in search engines and engaging in social media.

Data & Customer Insights

The better the technological infrastructure, the easier it is to make quantitative research and insights. These insights give an understanding about how customers have behaved but not necessarily why they behaved in a certain way. That is why also qualitative research and insights are needed to build and run digital growth engine. By combining quantitative and qualitative insights provided by solutions in our four key offering areas, you are able to be truly customer centric and data driven.

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