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Direct Media Deals

Despite the seemingly limitless possibilities the open-auction programmatic advertising offers, we are still in a situation where a vast amount of premium media inventory and the most impactful positions are either not available programmatically or are only accessible via privately negotiated deals with the media owner.

There are several reasons for this, including media owners wanting to be selective about which advertisers they work with, or not wanting to undermine existing long-established relationships with their key partners. Smaller markets and more niche websites may not have the resources yet to invest in programmatic media selling platforms. Even some larger media owners in established markets may still view programmatic as a supplement to their business and won’t guarantee advertisers a delivery of a specific budget or volume of impressions.

We Can Help with Media Deals

We at Nordic Morning have excellent relations and contacts with key local, regional and global media owners, so we can identify and negotiate the best placements for your campaign. There are many advantages to this traditional way of doing business besides the identification and access to inventory, price negotiation and delivery guarantees. Media owners may also provide consumer research and other exclusive insights, they can build bespoke deals and may share access to their beta products. These are all tangible benefits for the advertiser.

Efficient and Reliable

Directly made deals can then either be implemented manually, consolidated with other programmatic activities using technology such as Google’s Tag Guaranteed, or completely fulfilled using programmatic technologies such as private auctions, preferred deals or guaranteed programmatic.

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The better the content, the easier the distribution of the content in all media while running the digital growth engine. Customer centric and data driven content provides excellent possibilities to earn media and have visibility for your own media but paid media is also needed to scale the business. By utilising solutions from our four key offering areas, you are able to scale your business in all media efficiently.

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