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Mobile Application Analytics

Applications are becoming an integral part of digital customer journeys. Application analytics, or app analytics, is needed to know how your application is installed, used, and what kind of a role it plays in your digital business. A lot of effort is usually put in application development, but unfortunately, it is rarely that the results are measured or development decision-making is carried out based on data.

Why Should You Track Your Mobile App?

Applications can give very detailed data of users, such as location, interests, frequency and the ways the app is used. This data is in a pivotal role in application development. Collected analytics data can be combined with marketing automation tools and advertising automation platforms, which provides opportunities for very personal communication with customers and accurate marketing ROI measurement.

The Nordic Morning Approach

We plan, consult and execute data collection for app analytics (Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics, Adobe analytics) and other 3rd party platforms, such as marketing automation, CRM and advertising platforms.

Typically, a setup and running analytics platform is needed. Depending on your organization’s capabilities, we can also help in delivering insights, business intelligence and data visualization.

App Analytics Implementation and Process:

  1. KPI workshop - define data needs and targets
  2. Data framework plan (Data Layer)
  3. Measurement plan (documentation)
  4. Analytics (platform) setup
  5. Tag management/Eventing
  6. Data validation
  7. Analyst services and analytics development

Why Nordic Morning?

At the core of our services are the industry-leading products: Google Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics for which the company is a qualified partner and reseller (Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics Certified Partner). We have a proven track record in planning, building and managing application analytics in different types of popular apps, including applications with eCommerce and game apps.

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Mobile Application Analytics is part of the Digital Growth Engine

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Data & Customer Insights

The better the technological infrastructure, the easier it is to make quantitative research and insights. These insights give an understanding about how customers have behaved but not necessarily why they behaved in a certain way. That is why also qualitative research and insights are needed to build and run digital growth engine. By combining quantitative and qualitative insights provided by solutions in our four key offering areas, you are able to be truly customer centric and data driven.

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