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Swedish Armed Forces

Award winning results with the Swedish Armed Forces

Delivering the best possible digital experience for 40,000 new recruits.

The challenge

Reaching new heights and new audiences

When The Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) needed 40,000 young men and women to roll up their sleeves and prepare for basic training, vital information had to be communicated quickly and clearly.

Having built a strong working relationship with Försvarsmakten for many years, we were enlisted to get the job done.

Head of Strategy

Stefan Parker

Project coordinator

Sigrid Gustafsson

Backend developer

Stefan Löwenberg

Frontend developer

Andreas Viklund

The solution

A robust digital experience

The armed forces and Nordic Morning rallied to develop a robust solution based on data-driven insights.

We gathered a mix of creatives, UX designers, social listening and SEO specialists.

With additional support from the experts at The Swedish Armed Forces, we got to work on delivering the best possible digital experience for new recruits searching for more information about how to join the ranks. swedish-armed-forces-image-1jpeg

Award winning recognition

In partnership with The Swedish Armed Forces, we also developed a highly successful app called – a training app for Android and iOS which helps recruits to track their different training exercises and develop customized training programs. It later won recognition as the Editor’s Choice in the Apple store.

The Result

Commanding attention

Thanks to our strong client-agency collaboration, we generated significant results and met the needs of the target group by:

  • Mapping site content and refining the sitemap to help users find information more easily.
  • Revising the content structure to better communicate essential information.
  • Conducting a user experience audit and ideating new functions to support users along their digital journey and improve their experience.

The solutions also included an interactive FAQ page, a dictionary function, adding a search option and adding new filters on the jobs listing page – all of which was SEO optimized, of course. Traffic to the FAQ page increased by 1700%.


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