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L'Oréal Paris

Reaching an untapped market for the world's leading cosmetics brand

A responsive campaign tailored to meet Nordic market needs.

The challenge

Adapting to a new market

L’Oréal Paris was looking for a simple and relatable way to illustrate the hair coloring process with its products to a new audience who were deciding to dye their hair at home. This was in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw an increase in consumers coloring their hair themselves.

L’Oréal wanted to inspire and empower first-time users with the support and confidence needed to take their color care into their own hands.

The brand aimed to boost e-commerce sales by promoting its products in a fresh, sustainable and cost-effective manner, which would need to fully align with its Nordic digital strategy.

Lia Eriksson

Creative director

Lia Eriksson

Adam Eriksson

Content creator

Adam Eriksson

Jasmine Cederblad

Art director

Jasmine Cederblad

The solution

A localized, personalized product launch

Together with L’Oréal Paris & Garnier, we identified an opportunity for Casting Crème Gloss which presented itself as a strong contender during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Previous visitors to the hairdresser’s pre-pandemic were identified as a potential ‘first-time buyers’ for L’Oréal Paris. Putting a trusted hair care solution into the hands of these consumers became our focus.

The diagnosed solution for reaching this new buyer was a series of video tutorials to guide the consumer through the stages of product application. Designed for social media and personalized to regional markets, this content would offer a high-quality supportive response to market demand. In total we delivered:

  • Storyboard conceptualization and creation
  • 8 full length tutorials for L’Oréal Paris
  • 4 full length tutorials for Garnier
  • 24 social media formatted video editsStill imagery for onsite content

Bringing the story to life

Home coloration for a new market needed to be accessible and an alternative way to achieve great hair needed to be obvious. This resulted in a multi-channel approach. To reach a wider audience, content was created and adapted to fit the website, e-commerce site, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

  • Hand-picked models were briefed with care for a personal approach to the script.
  • Valuable connections to the customer journey were highlighted.
  • A trustworthy and genuine tone of voice was established.
  • We worked with identified brand synergies to illustrate the coloring process.

The Result

Increased market share

The tutorials post reach and frequency hit above benchmarks for Facebook and Instagram, as well as this, the tutorial post cost per click hit above benchmark for Snapchat and Pinterest!

Learn more from this video!


in Sweden


in Norway


in Finland

In our client's words

The results have been great! The integration of the assets has really strengthened the Casting Créme Gloss campaign, with the brand gaining market shares in a declining market. We have had with some great pre-post test results – considerably increasing the perception of the brand being easy to use, which was the message that we wanted to be communicated with the tutorials.

Ewa Sylwia Kosciolowski

Nordic Brand Product Manager, L’Oréal Paris Coloration & Styling

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