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A clearer vision for Instrumentarium

A seamless omnichannel customer experience for Finland’s largest optical retail chain.

The challenge

An agile and long-term vision

Rather than ongoing campaign adaptation and continuous site development, Instrumentarium, Finland’s biggest optical retail chain, wanted to implement more efficient and long-term digital marketing customer paths.

The company requested more measurability, more accurate analysis, and search engine optimization (SEO). We were asked to develop a clear vision towards a unique and seamless omnichannel customer experience.

In parallel, Instrumentarium had launched a new website and web shop in response to the recent growth of the online market for glasses and contact lenses.

We were asked to develop an agile roadmap and service design concepts based on continuous measurement and analytics, as well as to oversee the site, online campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO).


The solution

Through the lens of design thinking

Service design development was based on interviews with both the staff and customers. To promote better customer experience and understanding, we carried out continuous A/B testing, UX reviews of development work as well as SEO-based content creation.

We also worked to harmonize the visual design of user interface (UI) through systemic design thinking.


The Result

A growing partnership

Since 2017, we’ve expanded our work with Instrumentarium to better understand their customers’ needs and to build a stronger digital presence.

Over the years, our work has evolved from delivering operational tasks to providing a strategic data-driven growth model which combines data, design and content.

It currently includes CX, website and web shop development, analytics, SEO and SEO-based content creation.

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