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Hyper Island Talent Takes on 'Design for Change' Project for Nordic Morning


During the Winter months, Aman Edroos, a student and Business Innovation Consultant from Hyper Island began a consultancy project for Nordic Morning.

The mission of his 8-week project was to take a hands-on approach to identifying the biggest opportunities across digitalisation and sustainability.

Areas of focus included culture, competition and positioning amongst others which could then be utilised by Nordic Morning. Aman’s ambition was to work with an organisation which was not only interesting to him, but was also a brand he could work together with to make sense of his ideas in a ‘real life’ context.

Alana Gordon, Chief Innovation Officer from Nordic Morning created a conducive space for me to ideate and prototype solutions for potential implementation and value addition to the organization.

One of Nordic Morning's core values, 'co-creation', has enabled me to immerse myself in a holistic learning experience. I sincerely appreciate the constructive feedback and mentoring given to me throughout this project by Alana.

reflected Aman Edroos, student of Hyper Island.

Alana Gordon commented;

It has been both a pleasure and inspiration to work with Aman on the 'Design for Change' project. He provided us with a true outside-in perspective on our offering, and also challenged us on some of our products and ways-of-working. He found new opportunities and had some great ideas that will no doubt be taken forward in our organisation in the near future.

I'm very proud of the investment Nordic Morning is making in up-and-coming talent. By working in a collaborative and transparent manner with student's from Hyper Island, we have had the opportunity to share our expertise, as well as get some fresh ideas and feedback from the next generation of marketing leaders.


Jenny Bergman, Program Manager for the Business Development Uppskill Course at Hyper Island further added;

Hyper Island prepares individuals and organizations to anticipate and adapt today to the changes of tomorrow. Through partnerships with companies such as Nordic Morning, we help create dynamic and innovative cultures that accelerate long-term change. Aman Edroos during his participation in the program ‘Business Developer with a Digitalization and Sustainability Focus’ completed this work for Nordic Morning.

The program is developed to give participants practical experience and an understanding of how to innovate within different organisations and Aman has successfully identified opportunities across digitalisation and helped with fostering an innovative culture.

We want students to walk into the real world with the intrapreneurial courage to implement innovation in existing businesses. And that is why it is important to encourage students to take placements, just as Aman has done with Nordic Morning.

Hyper Island designs transformative learning experiences to enable growth for individuals and for businesses. Unlike typical education or service providers, they follow a tried-and-tested methodology and a wide network of real industry experts. Through their global network of schools and business services, they put people at the heart of innovation, leadership and change for success today and tomorrow.

As an established employer in the Nordics, Nordic Morning employs talent to work with clients across industries such as FMCG, Travel and Finance to create better experiences.

At Nordic Morning we will continue to nurture digital talent and look forward to future projects together with some of the Nordic’s brightest stars! Supporting students from Hyper Island and running educational courses at Media Institutet is just the start.

For current open positions or to get in touch about opportunities to complete a project like Aman's contact us via our career page here.