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Tuomo Kuusisto appointed to strengthen Nordic Morning’s growth


“The clients are looking for a partner who is able to see the big picture of digital transformation and also to dig deep into different areas of expertise.”

Nordic Morning continues with determination and in accordance with its strategy to operate as a partner for change in digital business. Jukka Sundquist, Managing Director of Nordic Morning Finland, is keen to speed up the realization of the strategy vision, due to which Tuomo Kuusisto has now been appointed as Director, Clients & Growth of the company.

In his new role in Nordic Morning, Kuusisto is in charge of the growth-oriented customer relationship management and development.

Nordic Morning’s thorough understanding of the future direction of the industry is what appealed to me in particular. Instead of multiple agencies, the clients today need a versatile partner who is able to see the big picture of their digital transformation and who is competent at digging deep into different areas of expertise,

Kuusisto says and continues:

We have a very hands-on approach to digital transformation, because we regard practical proficiency and experience as essential characteristics of a consultant. Our specialists have been brought together from many different professional areas, from programming to media optimization.

Nordic Morning has created a unique Digital Growth Engine concept which is aimed at generating digital business growth and superior customer experience. The concept provides the tools, methodologies and solutions to transform the client’s business to customer-centric digital age.

For the concept, it is essential to fully recognize the starting stage of the transformation, to avoid taking a digital leap too big and thus often getting into difficulties. Instead, the transformation has to be carried out in a controlled manner and by getting the organization involved step by step.

This has to do with identifying the maturity of a client. At an early stage of development, there is more demand for separate operations, such as programmatic buying, search engine optimization or a website redesign, and the service is not required to be integrated with other business. As the maturity increases, the strategic weight of digital sales grows, which usually creates the need for bringing different functions together into a single, consistent and customer-centric entirety.

The clients further advanced in digital transformation are already focusing on their own development projects, and they primarily expect their partner to provide insight and professional support for their in-house team,

Kuusisto’s professional background in digital marketing and advertising includes many different roles. For example, he has worked as a Digital Director in Pohjoisranta BCW and IUM Finland, and as a Country Manager in TradeDoubler.

According to Managing Director Jukka Sundquist, Kuusisto’s comprehensive business expertise and insight are highly regarded in Nordic Morning:

Our vision and strategy, accompanied by top recruits such as Tuomo, give us a great boost on our way to becoming the leading agency of our field in the Nordic countries.