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Nordic Morning Participating in Industry Hack’s "Heat is On" Hackathon


We are proud to announce that team Nordic Morning has been approved to participate in Industry Hack’s "Heat is On" hackathon!

In this Innovation Challenge, the goal is to explore the opportunities of data-driven services and more customer-centric ideas in order to improve district heating’s customer experience, brand and service offering altogether.

The solutions should answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How to better utilize customer data to improve service experience or enable new sources of value?
  • How to increase people’s interest in energy issues and heating options?
  • How to make sure district heating is seen as the most attractive heating option?

Hackathon’s co-creation camp will be held March 31st & April 1st. Due to the corona virus situation, the whole hackathon will be held in a virtual environment. After the camp, the best team(s) chosen by the jury are expected to work on their proof-of-concept (POC) project, building and testing the POC in collaboration with the host.

Good luck to our Nordic Morning team Antti Iiskola, Irina Lensu & Najil Mohammed! Stay tuned for more information about the approach we used when we designed and developed our concept.

More information about the Hackathon: https://app.industryhack.com/challenges/heat-is-on/ or contact Antti Iiskola, Head of Creative Studio, Nordic Morning Finland: antti.iiskola@nordicmorning.com | +358408483830