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Nordic Morning helps e-commerce with real time personalisation


Nordic Morning helps e-commerce site to drive sales with seamless cross device integration and real-time personalized customer dialogues.

The fact that data generates loads of insights should not be news to anyone, nor should people be surprised that these insights can be used to create a positive influence on your customers or users. However, data also allows us to forecast for the future, a much-needed power for those retailers whose revenue largely depends on customer behavior across digital platforms.

Drive revenue

How can we adapt communication to drive revenue and influence purchasing behavior on e-commerce platforms?

With the help of Tealium Audience Stream real-time user data can be used to generate and analyze consumer behavior forecasts on the fly. The software also allows us to manipulate the data on a granular level, for example, by comparing an individual customer segment with specific product categories simultaneously.

Tealium Audience Stream is provided by Nordic Mornings partner Tealium, a customer data platform solution providing you to orcherstrate real time customer data. No limitations of integrations regardless of your digital ecosystem of tools. Audience Stream providing you to forecast, plan and distribute personalized seamless one-to-one communication and user experiences across whole customer journey online and offline.

We want to allow users to speak up and increase the interaction on different communication platforms at an earlier stage in their customer journeys. This tactic is often employed by Nordic Morning when implementing data-driven strategies, since it not only increases the viability of your digital investments, but also increases business value by focusing on user needs. Audience Stream allowed us to shorten the time it takes to develop insightful customer dialogues, and act upon those insights. In addition, these dialogues may be used for continuous qualitative analysis and the further development of functions.

While designing the communication with the customers we used an agile methodology, allowing us to experiment and iterate so we could quickly adapt to user behavior.

By mapping the customer journey across different devices and analyzing what type of communication influenced customer purchase behavior, we could identify the gaps between what users needed and what was communicated. We went on to analyze user purchase flows and move on towards implementation, having identified three potential solutions: unifying the cart contents for desktop and mobile devices, personalizing the website experience according to earlier user interests, and offering faster product referrals based on previously visited products and product categories.


Increased time spent on the site, increased amount of page views, uplift in direct transactions as well as order value and improved user experience with the seamless integration between different devices.

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