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Ten years of co-creating with SEB Kort


Since 2007, SEB Kort, a branch of the leading financial company in the Nordics, SEB, has partnered with Nordic Morning on a mission to create better digital experiences.

SEB Kort has a leading market position in corporate cards, payment solutions and travel administration in the Nordic countries focusing on Eurocard Corporate Cards. With approximately 20 co-brands across the Nordics, they are among the top five largest issuers of Mastercard co-brands in Europe.

Nordic Morning provides SEB Kort with services that are at the forefront of their entire digital ecosystem. We create websites to increase and improve the user experience. We also implement digital development and strategy, measurable content, SEO, SEM and analytics – all to ensure that digital touchpoints are connected throughout the whole customer journey.

Together, we’re continuously striving to make SEB Kort a better experience.

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From a product-driven site to a value-driven site

We teamed up to reinvent The previous site focused on individual products with different services. Together, we worked out a new user journey and experience, which resulted in an offering structure that focused on services with features that create value. also changed from five sites in five languages to one site in five languages. All with data and analysis as the foundation.

Nordic Morning has been part of the whole journey. From creating a concept, to the data and analytics. We also built and developed the actual website, as well as created and optimized content that was adapted to different markets.

Another vital part of the content creation was how our Marketing Technology team continuously worked on improving the SEO-rank and purchased media. For future development and optimization of content, a critical part was also working continuously with analysis and data.

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We are currently working with almost 30 of SEB Card’s co-brands, across five different markets with 300 separate target groups. Having the right capabilities, tools and expertise is one thing, but the real magic happens when the client and agency come together to harness their combined insights.

Nordic Morning is our extended marketing team and advisor. Together, we are developing our brands to improve our customer experience. SEB Kort has 600 employees in seven markets – each with their own language – and the aim is to provide them all with a world-class service.

Stefan Söderberg, Head of Digital Sales, SEB Kort.

With skilled people from both SEB Kort and Nordic Morning, we make a perfect team with different competences – and these competences complement each other in a great way. We use our shared skills to create better experiences throughout the whole customer journey. There is always an open dialogue and you can be sure to always get advice, support and creative ideas.

Madeleine Grönlund, Web Manager, SEB Kort.

Working with the entire Nordic Morning offering for one customer means that we continuously improve throughout the entire customer journey and have an overall responsibility to push the customer in the right digital direction.

Gabriella Svärdh, Account Director, Nordic Morning.

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