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Since 2017, Nordic Morning has been helping Instrumentarium – Finland’s biggest optical retail chain – better understand their customers’ needs and to build a stronger digital presence.

The collaboration has expanded step by step from operational tasks to a strategic data driven growth model which combines seamlessly data, design and content.

Currently it includes CX, website and webstore development, analytics, SEO and SEO-based content creation.


A Clear Vision

Rather than seeking simply ongoing campaign adaptation and continuous site content updating, Instrumentarium wanted to expand the perspective of continuous site development and gain more efficient utilization of digital marketing client paths.

At the same time, more measurability, more accurate analysis and search engine optimization (SEO) were expected. Nordic Morning could offer even more than this:

a clear vision towards one unique and seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Agile and Long-term

The online market for glasses and contact lenses has gone up and customers are finding it more comfortable to buy online.

As a result, Instrumentarium decided to launch a new website and webshop. In addition to contact lenses, Instrumentarium has already brought sunglasses to the online store range.

Nordic Morning's mission after the launch was to develop agile and long-term roadmap and concepts via service design based by continuous measurement and analytics, to be in charge of the site and online campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO).


Design thinking

Service design development was based on interviews with both the staff and customers as well as continuous A/B testing. To promote better customer experience and understanding, we carry out continuous UX reviews of development work as well as SEO-based content creation.

In addition, our mission is to harmonise the visual design of user interface (UI) by systemically design thinking and design system.


Nordic Morning help us overcome day-to-day digital marketing challenges and understand our customers better so we can improve their experience. Their ability to create beautiful data-driven designs and solutions is second to none.

Eveliina Rantahalvari, Marketing Manager, Instrumentarium.

Through data, analytics and search engine optimization we focus on carefully developing the digital business development indicators and the process. Our holistic way of thinking and working has already produced good results. We are on a systematic journey towards one unique and seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Lauri Lähteenmäki, Director Martech & Data, Nordic Morning Finland

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