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In spring 2019, Nordic Morning worked with Visit Sweden and launched their latest campaign - The Edible Country.

The concept consisted of turning the Swedish countryside into a free gourmet restaurant where we hoped to inspire people to try delicious, sustainable food with a twist. To create an accessible and affordable alternative to unhealthy foods and an inactive lifestyle, we turned to four of Sweden’s Michelin Star chefs. Together, we transformed the whole country into a DIY gourmet restaurant based on ingredients anyone can forage.

Welcome to Sweden: now open for reservations.


Create awareness and promote Sweden as a culinary travel destination in the US, UK, Germany and France.


By conducting a search behaviour analysis we uncovered insights into people’s search behaviour within culinary travel and what they are interested in. We also conducted a thorough analysis of the culinary travel industry to create relevant target groups for the campaign.


• Develop a media strategy which allows us to make a big impact in large markets, despite modest campaign resources.

• Promote a hero video to create awareness of the concept, and then additional videos that include recipes, interviews with the chefs and DIY content.

• Develop a data-driven approach, starting by targeting a broader audience and then optimising the campaign based on asset performance, healthy budget utilisation, and market receptiveness.

• Conduct weekly campaign meetings with the client to ensure decisions were based on data, for example, removing target audiences, assets, locations that weren’t performing as well as others.


• Using geotargeting to only advertise in cities that have direct flights to Sweden.

• Only targeting people who are interested in food, health, travel and nature.

For the first week of the campaign, we promoted all versions of the video to glean results, then optimised our ads by promoting the best performing assets for the rest of the campaign. Retargeting engaged audiences with additional video content.

Using disruptive Google Ads, we bought generic keywords within travel, food and nature and Michelin restaurants in Sweden.


Our nature restaurant was fully booked during the campaign


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