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Posti, the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland, has set a bold strategy with a strong focus on improving quality and the customer experience. Much of customer service happens online, and thus, Posti sells services online for both consumer and businesses alike.

Empowering consumers to manage package sending and tracking shipments online, as well as taking care of end-to-end logistics with the help of easy, fast, reliable and accessible online tools are huge growth areas for Posti.

Nordic Morning Finland helps Posti to understand what happens in the online channels by working closely with Posti to capture user behaviour with Google Marketing Platform products.


Posti's business has undergone dramatic changes during the last couple of years. The service focus has very rapidly shifted heavily on digital channels. To gain better understanding of the digital channels, Posti has decided to also focus on developing their online analytics.

With a couple of million monthly users on the consumer sites alone, the potential for gathering, analysing and making use of online behaviour data is huge. The complexity of online domain cocktail garnished with mobile applications on top called for experience of rigid planning of how to set-up digital analytics at an enterprise environment.


Posti soon realized that the more data and insights we are able to provide to the different stakeholders, the more there are new kinds of opportunities in how to make use of data. Therefore, we see the implementation merely as a start of a whole new era of data-driven business development and marketing.


Together with Posti we implemented Google Analytics 360 to enable better processing and analyzing of their online traffic coming from different channels. The process started with having KPI Workshops together with different stakeholders of Posti to create understanding of the needs of measuring the data. KPIs are the backbone onto which we created an extensive measurement plan.


Measurement plan is our primary tool when facing a new online tracking challenge. It is an extensive work document where the data model, tracking architecture, individual domains and client's online objectives meet. Nordic Morning outlined an umbrella-like tracking plan with concrete dataLayer implementation examples for Posti to use for upgrading its online analytics. One of Nordic Morning’s consultants has worked alongside Posti's core marketing team and developers in implementing, instructing, testing and training all stakeholders. New processes have been piloted and outlined, new tools for analysis and data visualization have been put to use.


Posti has now a well-working, up-to-date and accessible online measurement tool. The core team has been empowered to harvest insights from online data and to leverage that in both online service development and marketing optimization.

Emphasis has now shifted on understanding the data, finding out what Posti's online clients are about and how to serve them better.