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Pohjola Insurance is the market leader in non-life insurances as well as one of the most beloved and well-known brands in Finland.

The company had invested heavily in website development over the recent years, and the website was ready for optimisation. The time had come for Pohjola Insurance to claim the search engine throne from its competitors.

The company executives saw that the comeback of Pohjola Insurance could not be done alone. As a leading Finnish data-driven marketing agency, Nordic Morning was chosen as one of the key partners to achieve the set goals together with the specialists of Pohjola Insurance. The two companies share the same values, so as a result the co-operation was both productive and seamless.


We sought to bring Pohjola Insurance to its deserved position at number one in Google searches. This would enable Pohjola Insurance to tap into all the hidden sales potential that their website was not delivering at the time.

In January 2019, a competitor was leading in search engine visibility and marketing. Together with Pohjola Insurance specialists, Noridc Morning saw that the situation could be reversed through an iterative approach of continuous improvement.


  • Searches for insurance and risk management make up a significant portion of total search engine traffic, which translates into sales potential for domestic insurance companies.
  • Early 2019 Pohjola Insurance was not utilising relevant web searches to their full potential, and existing web content was not converting visitors into actionable sales leads.
  • There was untapped potential in paid search advertising, as well – both in terms of impressions and conversion rates.


A key factor driving our success was a shared culture of experimentation. We knew that major results could not be achieved over night. Both of us believed that AB testing and incremental changes were the way to go.

Instead of sticking to a traditional client–consultant setup, where we would wait for tasks to execute and then report the results, we worked together daily with Pohjola Insurance's in-house specialists in an agile model to co-create content and experiment with different approaches.

Together, we started realigning their website content to boost engagement and directing paid advertising to target specific stages of the customer journey.


  • Search terms related to the insurance market were identified and analysed in relation to the total search engine market potential.
  • The technical elements of the website were developed to improve user experience and search engine visibility.
  • SEM was limited to purely product terms that were converting.
  • SEM account structure was developed to better suit the actual search terms used by customers.
  • SEM budget was continuously optimised based on web analytics.


Over the course of a year, Pohjola Insurance climbed to the pole position in search engine visibility. Pohjola Insurance specialists had honed the website content to match closely with customer needs, the effect of which was clearly visible in the performance metrics.


The company experienced huge improvements in their web traffic and conversion rates across the board. In consumer insurance products, web traffic and online sales rocketed up by over 50 percent.

In B2B, the changes were even more dramatic: quadruple the amount of visitors and triple the amount of insurance offer requests. PohjolaInsurance-results4 Such numbers would not have been possible without a close collaboration between Nordic Morning and Pohjola Insurance. From the very beginning, the relationship was characterised by honest and transparent dialogue, and a drive towards continuous improvement through analytics.

As a client, Pohjola Insurance was exceptionally proactive and eager to challenge the status quo. We had a shared culture of trial and error that allowed us to experiment and learn as we went forward. This, coupled with a strong commitment toward the end goal, was instrumental in our outstanding success.