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Instrumentarium is the market leader in the optical industry in Finland with over 150 stores. We started co-operation in the fall of 2017. The collaboration includes UX and content development, campaigns on the site, analytics, SEO, and display advertising planning and production.


Rather than seeking simply ongoing campaign adaptation and continuous site content updating, Instrumentarium wanted to expand the perspective of continuous site development and gain more efficient utilization of digital marketing client paths. At the same time, more measurability, more accurate analysis and search engine optimization (SEO) were expected. Nordic Morning was able to meet these needs with more comprehensive capabilities.


Instrumentarium launched a new website and webshop with a new third-party technology partner. Our mission after launch was to develop an agile and long-term roadmap and concepts via service design, to be in charge of the site and online campaigns and search engine optimization. Since 2018, our role has evolved to include online digital marketing, for example planning and implementation of display advertising. In addition, our mission is to harmonize the visual design of user interface (UI) by systematic design thinking and design system.


Service design development was based on interviews with both the company’s staff and customers. To promote better customer experience and understanding, we carry out continuous UX reviews of development work and also content and structure audits. Next, through analytics and search engine optimization we focus on carefully developing the creation process and digital marketing as well as digital business development indicators.

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”We get help from Nordic Morning for day-to-day digital marketing challenges and for a broader digital customer experience. Their capability both to design and deliver has been absolutely stunning.“

-Eveliina Rantahalvari, Marketing Manager