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Changes are happening - 40 000 young people are being called in for basic training. How do we communicate everything they need to know?


  • Optimizing the Job & Education site to serve different user groups: young people who have been called in, job seekers and people who seek to go in training voluntarily.
  • Making sure users find the all the information they need and have their questions answered.


GMU, lumpen, grundutbildning…?

Many users, especially young people, have quite little knowledge about what it means to do basic training or work in the military. The terminology can be confusing. A lot of job seekers don’t know that there is a huge variety of different career options within the defence force.


Mapping all content on the site and refining the sitemap. Performing a user experience audit and ideating new functions that could support the users in finding what they are looking for.


Through designing several smaller solutions across the site we are able to support different users in reaching their goals. These solutions include an interactive FAQ page, a dictionary function and adding a search option and filters on the job listing page. We also re-named the whole site, from ‘Job & Career’ to ‘Job & Education’. The new pages and functions also support SEO.



We saw an increase of +1700% in visits and +1900% in page views on the improved FAQ-pages after the implementation. (Comparing the amount of visitors over 11 months before and after implementation)Screenshot 2019-05-31 15.01.55