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"SSAB is a global steel company specialized in high-strength steels and innovative services. SSAB is focused on strong customer relationships and sustainable solutions. SSAB’s steel brands are globally recognized and used in various industries from automotive to construction and agriculture.

Nordic Morning has been the leading SEO, SEM and web analytics partner for SSAB since 2017."


SSAB wanted to serve its customers better in the digital world. However, there were challenges on the way. First of all, SSAB has 26 country domains because it operates on the global scale. Secondly, SSAB’s organization is divided into several business units responsible for different steel brands and services. Lastly, SSAB’s customers vary and SSAB wants to provide information for designers, purchasers and shareholders, for example.


"These data and insights enabled SSAB to understand their website’s role better. Now they were able to analyze their website users and track conversions continuously.

Thanks to our cross-functional team, we could provide a holistic view to SEO and SEM. This helped SSAB to see how they can reach new leads from different channels."


"Nordic Morning helped SSAB to take a strategic view of their website. In the beginning, we conducted a KPI workshop where SSAB defined their focus markets and goals for the website.

On the SEO site, we performed different SEO audits. Thanks to these, SSAB got a better understanding of their SEO visibility, competition and challenges.

On the SEM site, we reviewed and optimized SSAB’s Google Ads account in order to manage it better on the global scale."


"After we had created a clear view of SSAB’s KPIs, we made analytics setup and created dashboards for monitoring websites’ performance.

SEO audits gave good insights on how to optimize SSAB’s visibility in terms of keywords, content and technical issues. We provided trainings about SEO and content production for SSAB’s personnel. In addition, we helped SSAB to fix technical SEO issues.

On the SEM site, we started to run paid media campaigns for various business areas and countries. With our new Google Ads setup, we were able to handle 40 different markets effectively."


Now SSAB has a clear measurement system for monitoring website performance. We have made the first setups and analyses for SEO and SEM, and now we continue optimizing both channels. As a result of our close cooperation, SSAB has increased its digital expertise and has a clearer vision for its web strategy.