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Lomarengas is the leading agency renting cottages, villas, and apartments all around Finland, offering over 3,500 holiday homes. We started co-operation in the fall of 2017. Nordic Morning works as a digital marketing partner of Lomarengas, consulting and executing actions both in owned media and advertising, as well as web analytics.


"The travel and hospitality industry is changing really fast, and the competition is getting stronger through both global and local digital booking services. Lomarengas is a very strong brand among its competitors and wants to keep up its current growth track and development in the business. This requires continuous digital development and staying on the cutting edge of digital services and marketing. Customer experience must be seamless all the way from searching the service to booking, arriving at the accommodation and having also excellent service during the stay.

People have these days plenty of opportunities of choosing how to spend holidays in Finland or abroad. We need to reach the right people at right time to introduce Lomarengas’ holiday homes in Finland as an accommodation option and to make those apartments and cottages as attractive as possible, also including messaging the benefits of choosing Lomarengas over competitors. Lomarengas also needs to be found easily and among the first search results when searching for accommodation for a holiday stay in Finland."

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Based on collected Google Analytics data, Nordic Morning’s search engine optimization consultants make sure that the website content we create serves Lomarengas’ customers’ needs content-wise, and they also make sure that the content is technically built to be found on search engines and brings traffic to the website. We also keep on searching new potential customers for Lomarengas. These customers are mainly reached by Social media advertising, Display advertising, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


Nordic Morning’s task is to reach the right audiences by relevant content, digital advertising and search engine marketing, to make sure that Lomarengas has the top-of-mind awareness when people start planning their holidays or getaway weekends. Nordic Morning’s analytics team delivers insights of customer behavior to measure multi-channel marketing actions and to understand how to develop the website and marketing to make continuously better results.


"During the first year of our co-operation, Lomarengas succeeded in making the best fiscal year of its history. The revenue growth was 6.9% and the number of bookings during the year grew by 7.4%

70% of the bookings were made online, and the role of online service is still growing: the revenue and volume of online bookings both grew by 9%.

We managed to optimize Lomarengas’ advertising significantly since the direct conversion rate of advertising grew by 11%, but the cost of conversion decreased by 10% at the same time. Total ROAS (return on advertising spend) grew by 10%."