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The value of data

Nordic Morning is a proud partner to Tealium, a company leader in real time marketing solutions. Tealium has published a new report looking into the consumers’ view of the value of their own data. How much are their personal currency really worth? And for what are they willing to share it?

As a company, you often have the tools and data needed to analyze the customer’s behavior and to deliver a great digital experience. But the ongoing challenge is to use and acquire it in the right way, without being intrusive. In a time where the public awareness and interest in personal data only grows bigger, this balancing act is more important than ever.

In Tealium’s new report, you can read what the customer’s think about their data as well as why and when they are willing to give it away.

The report is called Cash, Card or Data and you can find it HERE!

About the partnership

Tealium offers a unique way for our clients to utilize their specific stack of marketing technology. Tealium helps to integrate siloed applications and data to drive more profitable interactions across all digital touch points. Nordic Morning’s role is to help with implementation as well as advising clients when using Tealium, to make sure that they get the best out of their insights and act on the results – in real time.

From a marketers perspective, this means that the client have the possibility to change campaigns in real time to try new things, act and tweak when needed. When acting on real time data, you ensure that the customer gets the right offer at the right time.