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SEO and Paid Media

The importance of personalised user experiences


In 2020, people expect a personalised digital experience. Companies like Netflix, Spotify and Klarna have raised the bar for consumers in recent years by providing highly personalised experiences to users. Spotify and Netflix continuously make personalised recommendations for new music and shows based on your personal streaming history and account activity. More recently, digital startups like Voi and ACast have also begun delivering world-class digital experiences with fast onboarding flows and sleek, easy-to-use interfaces. As a result, Nordic audiences now expect a personalised experience, whatever service or product they’re using. Are you providing your customers with this too?

If data and human insights are combined, then it is possible to create more relevant ad creatives and a market-driven website approach that serves your end customers with personalised content at the right time.

Connecting the data

Combining data from SEO, paid media, UX, data and analytics with marketing and content production opens up the possibility of working with AI and machine intelligence to create custom flows and personalised content and creative. By connecting all of this together, we can serve the right creative and the right content at the right time for each specific user. This helps to improve relevance, performance and marketing efficiency.

Sound like a big project? It doesn’t have to be!

Start small and scale in time with ease. You probably already have a lot of the data needed to start off, but you’re just not structuring it properly or using it effectively. Let´s investigate the data and actively make use of the insights that we get. Simple A/B tests are a great way to start with seeing how well content performs, and the learnings from these tests can then be fed back into an optimisation strategy.

Real-time personalisation: a pilot project for Trygg Hansa

This is how we started out when personalising content for Trygg Hansa car insurance. We promoted two car brands across three cities – and used vehicle licence data to personalise the ad creative and make it more relevant for the consumer.

Read more about the Trygg hansa car insurance case

What will personalised experiences lead to?

By personalising the users experience you will build a closer connection to your customers. We have seen this consistently give a higher conversion rate and build customer loyalty. If you want to introduce more data-driven decision making into your organisation, then personalised creative and/or personalised content is a great way to start.

At Nordic Morning, we are making the world a better experience. This mission is driven by data, and we use it to help clients really understand their customers (and potential customers) so they can deliver a better experience.

Let´s talk more about how you can make the most out of your data!

By Rickard Broberg Head of SEO, Owned and Earned Media, Nordic Morning