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Driving Growth Through Great Customer Experience

Want to stay ahead of the game?

FACT: Companies that can offer supreme customer experiences grow faster and more profitably.

CHALLENGE: Marketing has been transforming for years now, driven by consumer behavioural shifts and advances in technology. How to best manage the change?

SOLUTION: Check out our LiveCasts from 23rd October 2019, which is full of insights and actionable tips to make sure that you are up to speed with it all!

Let AI Be Your Crystal Ball – Knowing What Your Customers Want Before They Do

What kind of AI capabilities do you need to steer your marketing more effectively? Senior Analytics Consultant Najil Mohamed and Martec wizard Lauri Lähteenmäki talk about using history data to drive predictive AI models, and how that can help you make better marketing decisions.

Driving Growth Through Great Customer Experience

Forget WordPress - How I Learned to Love React

Almost half of the Internet pages are built by using Wordpress. No wonder, as it is quick to get started on and easy-to-use. But what are the downsides with this centralized platform? Lead Developer Graham Daw talks about how it is possible to make better customer experience and do efficient site development using React and microservices.

Driving Growth Through Great Customer Experience



Jukka Sundquist | Managing Director For over a decade, Jukka has been closely involved in developing the digital industry in Finland and he has worked as an active change agent. As the Managing Director of Nordic Morning Finland, he is goal-oriented, determined and also a well-respected team player.

Graham Daw | Integration Architect People dream of peace in the world - Graham also dreams of cool system integrations, smart web apps & smooth deployments. Graham has an impressive engineering & architectural background from global companies, and even though he’s rarely in the project spotlights, he’ll make sure everything runs smoothly in the background.

Outi Aramo | Senior Data Scientist Outi started her career as a college teacher, and to this day she continues teaching - not students, but colleagues as well as clients. Her incredible experience of 20+ years has seen her coding for Satama, leading Idean’s UX research team, consulting in Trainers’ House and strategising business in Quru.

Najil Mohamed | Senior Analytics Consultant Najil has extensive experience of applying statistical modelling and data science solutions to marketing challenges. He adopts a marketing first approach to data. Najil has worked previously with Finpro, Allianz Insurance, and Edit among others, between Finland and the UK.

Lauri Lähteenmäki | Director Martech & Data Our MarTech Wizard Lauri has over 14 years of experience from online business development. He has a unique capability to understand both business drivers, online technologies, user experience and data.