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Developing Sweden’s culture of innovation

In today’s increasingly diverse and dynamic world, challenging the status quo is critical to ensuring your organization remains relevant. At Hack for Sweden, government bodies and industry leaders will discuss how embracing open data can fuel change and ignite innovation. Here, Emily Svärd, Business Developer at Nordic Morning, highlights the importance of these discussions for people, business and society, and explains how you can get involved.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

The vast majority of organizations today know why they should prioritize embracing data. They understand that the intelligent use of data will make their solutions and services better, operations more efficient, and help future-proof their business.

And yet, some still struggle to actually use data. Instead, many organizations end up rarely thinking outside the box. They often arrive at the same conclusions and do what they’ve always done. In the worst cases time, resources, and money are wasted creating services that no one wants. Sometimes solutions are even created to problems that don’t really exist.

Of course, some organizations do a fantastic job creating new solutions and services. But the challenges I’ve outlined above do exist.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, these are risks that are extremely common and in danger of infecting every company, business, and government body. Thankfully, there is another way.

Fostering a framework for innovation

Our goal at Nordic Morning is to create better experiences. We do this by combining data-driven insights, design-thinking methodology, co-creation and developing innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.

Everything we do has a foundation in data. Our full-service offering is diverse, just like our people, and it draws on insights from multiple information sources to ensure we get a deep understanding of our client’s challenges and needs. We apply this approach when partnering with some of the biggest organizations in the world and it’s proving successful.

So, if you’re a business or organization that feels like it’s time to challenge the status quo, to transform and get things done, we should talk.

Hack for Sweden 2019

At Hack for Sweden, Nordic Morning, alongside 80 other international players and numerous governmental organizations, will tackle some of the burning questions surrounding open data. We’ll showcase how embracing open data can inspire change. Through a number of presentations, keynotes and activities, we will explain how unlocking data is enabling the creation of innovative services for people, business and society in Sweden.

Want to join in the discussion? Everyone who is passionate about creating a better future for society is welcome to attend. Let’s kickstart innovation in Sweden together.

Join us for Hack for Sweden from April 4-6 at Stockholmsmässan! Emily Svärd-4