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Contextual Targeting & Technology in Data-Driven Marketing

On October 22nd the Internet i Fokus conference will take place in Malmö. It is southern Sweden’s leading conference for social media, search and digital marketing. Lia Ericsson, Creative Director and Ola Larsén, Digitalization Strategist at Nordic Morning, will be holding a break out session on the topic: The Importance of Contextual Targeting and the Impact of Technology in Data-Driven Marketing.

As the digital landscape is evolving, an increasing number of elements need to be considered to create a truly holistic data-driven marketing strategy. Because of this, it is essential to remember the end goal - to deliver the right content to the right customers at the right time – and today we’re equipped with more tools to help us than ever before.

At the event Lia and Ola will share some inspiring insights into the world of data-driven marketing, but for now here’s a preview of what they’ll be discussing:

What is “Contextual targeting”?

It’s a type of advertising that is only activated in truly relevant contexts, for example, messages promoting home electronics are more relevant to people browsing a website about interior design, says Lia Eriksson. The main goal, of course, is to offer more meaningful contact between your offer, product or brand and the person who sees the ad. This is one of many steps we need to take to deliver a harmonized total experience.

What does a harmonized total experience mean?

In many ways, it's about moving from the rectified to the personal — and creating added value throughout the customer journey, says Ola Larsén. Sometimes we should stop and reflect on old lessons so we can create the solutions of the future. In the end, everything is about the customer. Communication that does not put the customer first has no place in a society that is overloaded with impressions, and where attention spans are waning. However, a lot of today's digital marketing is still created with an inside-out perspective. With our presentation, we want to show how the reverse creates new opportunities for more creative solutions.

How do we get there?

Most customers we meet are aware that they need to become more digitally savvy, but the journey there can look very different from customer to customer. This largely depends on their overall level of digital maturity but also comes down to how investments can be anchored across their overall marketing strategy, explains Ola. Our job is to inspire and highlight the creative opportunities that exist for their continuous development. A lack of time is by far the most common problem cited by our customers, but in the end it’s just a matter of priorities.

Make sure to check us out at the conference! For tickets and more info, go ahead to our campaign page where we offer tickets to a great discount.

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