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5 social media trends for 2020: What you need to know

Have you been scrolling through your social media feed on vacation and feeling like your own profile is... dull? Worry not! We’ve got the top 5 trends for 2020 that will help you ACE your social media game. ‘Out-social’ your competition, whether it’s other companies crushing it with cool influencers or over-the-top employer branding videos with music, smoke machines and ping-pong tables. Here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the game!

Go big or go home? No, no… go small. At least when it comes to influencers

Micro, nano, whatever you want to call it, the influencers with the most amount of followers aren’t the most influential anymore. The influencers with 5,000-20,000 are most likely to actually influence their followers into buying a product or trying a new service, because you feel more of a connection to them. (Admit it, you also think you’re BFFs with the bloggers you follow…).

Keep it moving, why video is always better

Anything moving is better than a still image. We’re bored easily and still images are just too… STILL. GIFs, animations, explainers, hauls, pop-ups, a 360 video, live-streaming and mukbang are just some examples of types of social media videos. What’s better than a picture of your product? A video of you unboxing it! Instead of a picture of the perfect dinner? A video of the chef preparing it! Instead of a picture of a model wearing a dress? A virtual video of people in different sizes moving around in it! But remember: 84 % of users watch videos without sound. So whatever you do, don’t forget subtitles!

Sharing is caring - why you should involde your followers in, well, everything

What is the most shareable content? We all know that engagement is key. If you have lots of followers, great. But we want them interacting, liking, commenting, sharing! The key is to create content that feels personalized to your followers. Include them in decisions on the next type of product to launch, what color the packing should be, what they think can be improved. After all, it’s them that are going to buy it. So look back on what’s worked out best, test new types of posts, ditch the long-term plan and don’t be afraid to converse with your followers.

Tell me a story - how you can personalize your social channels

What’s YOUR story? A company or workplace becomes so much more interesting when you take your followers on a journey behind-the-scenes. How did you start? What’s your passion? What led you here? What do you and your colleagues get up to? Where do you find your inspiration? What’s the name of your office dog? Involve your followers in your everyday life, products, employees and driving force.

Choose the channel - and take your followers on an adventure

The rise of AR and VR is happening! It has tremendous opportunity to engage customers, no matter where they are in the world, so that they can take part in your brand. VR can be used to share an event, a simulated environment or have a conversation with your followers. With stuff like personal geo-filters and trying on clothes virtually, marketers are already starting to embrace these features to entertain and engage their audience.

There you have it. The tools you need to stay one step ahead of your social competitors. So go gram away!